Operational Excellence



Enabling our clients to successfully evolve their business through facts, data and process

Analyze and document business processes, prepare models and analytics to optimize process metrics.  Manage process and organizational changes brought about as a result of the process improvements.


  • People, Process & Technology Assessments
  • Gap Analysis
  • Process Improvement & Implementation
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

An assessment of people, processes and technology is critical to understanding all the key components that make your business “run”. Performing a gap analysis compares your “current state” with either industry standards or your desired “future state”. Our assessments identify areas to increase efficiency, redesign processes, change organizational structure, and enhance the use of technology.

By understanding the potential “change” from current to future state, we perform process improvement and develop implementation plans ensuring that you tackle the right changes at the right time and in the right order, so that your organization is ready to adopt your transformation.

In order to ensure that the progress you make endures, we develop a continuous quality improvement plan and related performance metrics to be incorporated into your business operations.

  • Business Case Development
  • Mathematical Data Modeling
  • Performance Tracking Metrics

Should you or should you not upgrade your software, outsource a service, grow your expertise and team in a new area? These are the kinds of questions about a potential change for which the development of a business case will help you determine the value, impact and feasibility of moving forward.

We can also build mathematical data models that help predict your future based on a set of parameters we develop with you. Our clients use our models as decision-enabling tools to help them change or optimize their operations. Establishing and tracking performance metrics ensures you achieve your expectations and can measure improvement on an ongoing basis.

  • Health Checks
  • Framework Design
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Training
  • Communications Planning
  • Performance Tracking Metrics

A health check allows you to ensure that a particular process or area of work is operating as you planned or expected. Comparisons with best practices and maturity models can help identify areas where additional improvements or maturity can occur.

Draw on our expertise and best practices to improve or design the framework of your Project Management Office (PMO), Quality Management Office (QMO) or Service Management area. We will work with you to create the necessary roadmaps, processes and procedures, toolkits, and roles/responsibilities to execute a specific area of work.

When it comes to your programs and projects, we can seamlessly fill the shoes of a Program/Project Manager. Our seasoned PMs will coach and mentor your team to enhance their skill sets or pitch in until they are ready to take on expanded responsibilities.

Effective and long-lasting improvement of new processes, procedures and/or frameworks requires solid, customized training plans and training materials. We can help you design, plan and deliver critical training that will enhance adoption. Comprehensive communications planning will help you manage the expectations of your executive stakeholders and the organization throughout your transformation.

In order to ensure that the changes you make to your organization, deliver their expected value, we create performance metrics to measure the baseline state as well as short and long term progress.