Enabling our clients to plan business and technology transformations and align with strategic objectives

Assess client’s business and technology operations and provide a roadmap for process and cost improvements to help clients achieve their transformation objectives.

Case Study – IT Governance


  • Transformation Assessment
  • Transformation Planning
  • Business Case & KPI Development

As you seek to transform your business, we will work with you to assess it’s possible impacts and its value or return on investment (ROI).   A solid business case will examine the potential of your transformation. How will processes need to change? How will change impact your employees and skill set mix? Will your current technology fit with the envisioned “future state”?

Let us help you plan for your transformation ensuring that your organization is ready for the change you expect. How will your stakeholders be engaged in the change? We understand the impact transformation can have on individuals and organizations so we work with you to establish communications and training plans to roll out your vision smoothly.

  • Business/Technology Alignment
  • Governance

Is your IT organization aligned with the business’ goals? Are your IT initiatives the “right ones” for the business? Are your customers satisfied with your IT services? Let us help you evaluate how well technology is aligned with the business’ needs and the objectives of your company.

How are IT initiatives and priorities established or modified? Does your technology governance model work? We can help you build or improve this critical component of business and technology alignment.

  • Program Management/PMO Framework
  • Quality Management/QMO Framework
  • Service Management Framework

We will review your current project management, quality management or service management framework.   Taking your culture into consideration, a gap analysis is performed using industry standards and maturity models. We evaluate your organization’s maturity, determine the opportunities for improvement, and help you roll out lasting change.